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Helping Coaches Get Better at Teaching and Leading

A 6 week online cohort course and community for coaches of any sport

Cohort 2 begins 11/3/21 
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Teach Better

Close the gap between, "I taught it" and "they learned it"

Lead Better

Model and teach the character athletes need to succeed in sports and life

Connect More

Share with and learn from like-minded coaches that want to get better too

Are you tired of...

  • A lack of support and training

  •  Struggling to find like-minded coaches

  •  Practice not transferring to games

  • Sub par team cultures

  •  Excessive parent conflicts

  • Old-school methods of training and motivating

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What You Get in the Cohort

  • 6 weekly cohort Zooms meetings
  • Access to all the replays
  • Access to slides and other resources
  • A 60 minute 1-on-1 call/film review with Luke
  • Access to a private cohort GroupMe
  • And more!
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Athletes deserve great coaches.

Coaches deserve great training.

Coaching is Hard

Luke Gromer is a teacher and coach, the host of The Coaches Club Podcast, and the leader of The Coaches Club Cohort.

In preparation for a TEDx Talk that has been delayed indefinitely, Luke spent hundreds of hours researching, interviewing, and implementing solutions to the common problems that coaches face.

He's sharing those ideas, findings, and strategies with coaches in The Coaches Club.

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Overview of Topics

  • Week 1: Establishing Purpose & Creating Culture
  • Week 2: Feedback Fundamentals
  • Week 3: A Culture of Error
  • Week 4: Practice Design
  • Week 5: Daring Leadership
  • Week 6: Questioning & Reflection
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What Coaches are Saying...

Joe Smith

"The cohort was incredibly valuable, not only for me but for my colleagues from my club that participated as well. I found the range of topics relevant, diverse, and challenging. Luke was an absolute joy to learn from."

Cody Royle

“Luke is the type of inquisitive mind & driven soul that we need in and around coaching.”

Gerrett Hickey

"This cohort was great for my coaching, because I'm able to collaborate with coaches from all different sports. We've shared ideas, film, and strategies. I'd recommend the cohort to any coach."

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3. Apply

Apply what you learn in your coaching to get better as a coach and team

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Day/Time: Wednesdays, 7:30 pm CST
Dates: 11/3/21 - 12/8/21
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100% Money Back Guarantee

If you're not satisfied with your experience in cohort within the first two weeks, we'll refund your entire purchase!